Four Corners Haiku Suite

On the Canyon’s rim
feeling a strange urge to leap,
wife holding my hand

Swooping black condor
curious about the fingers
tourists point at it

If you smell ozone
and your hair stands on end
move away from the edge

We've gone far enough
when the loudest sound is
a horsefly buzzing

Balancing boulder,
held by a trick of physics
and the vast blue sky

Great looming shadows
stone pillars for shooting stars
Monument Valley

Playful stars twinkle;
the moon is never lonely
where there are clear skies

One star is falling
too slow to be a comet;
weather satellite

Twinkling streetlights
Kayenta in the distance
no match for the stars

Resting in backseat
dirty clothes for my pillow
million-dollar view

Cloaked in silver clouds
ghostly moon haunts jagged hills
The Painted Desert

Cloud of moths flutter
around lone truck stop light pole
…lost sight of the moon

After three hours,
pack of cars on the freeway
are almost neighbors

Double yellow line.
Stuck behind a huge RV.
Anger Management.

Girl wearing nothing
but a smile and a towel
on highway billboard

Oldies rock and roll
playing songs from my childhood.
When did I grow old?

Two lines: red and white
rivers that never run dry
meet in the distance

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