• Venus yantra in the home of Miluse van de Kant

    Venus yantra in the home of Miluse van de Kant

    I first saw the Venus yantra on Ekabhumi's facebook page… So beautiful! My heart started beating fast; I was amazed. Such precice work — I had never seen it on wood like this — and made with love and devotion. I was moved, actually really touched by this work.uplifting and inspiring

    A few weeks later it arrived, having survived the trip to Europe without any damage. Finally unpacked, the first impression of the real-life version of Venus felt like a reunion. And now that she's in the house, it's like she's always been here. Impressive, but not intimidating. Uplifting and inspiring. It brings beauty and positive energy into the house and into our lives.

    Thank you, Ekabhumi!

    Miluse van de Kant
    yoga instructor and practitioner, Holland.

  • Hareesh with illustration of Para Vac in his home

    Hareesh with illustration of Para Vac in his home [photo: Mario Covic]

    As a scholar and practitioner within the tradition of the Tantras of Shiva and Shakti, my reaction to the art of Charles Ekabhumi Ellik is one of astonishment. For here is an artist of consummate technical skill who also has the creative intuition (Skt. pratibhā) to create representations of the deities of this tradition that successfully convey the actual energy which is their true nature. Whether drawing or painting anthropomorphic deities or their mystic diagrams (yantra), the combination of precision and love in Ekabhumi's work is virtually unparalleled in my experience. I am immeasurably grateful that such an artist as he is willing to serve in such a sacred sevā as that of creating images that connect the viewer with the Divine in themselves and all things.precision and love…virtually unparalleled

    Christopher D. Wallis, MA, MPhil
    Doctoral Candidate in South Asian Studies at UC Berkeley
    Director of the Mattamayūra Institute of Tantrik Studies

  • Many years ago I had the fortune to be introduced to Charles by my father who was like a "Grandpa" and mentor to Charles while he embarked into the fascinating world of poetry. His "word images" as my father called them were the first signs of artistry I witnessed from Charles but as I got to know him more and he grew closer to my dad his true artistic talent in the form of sketch was what really garnered my attention. He blessed my father with an amazing likeness of him in charcoal on paper and I am pleased to say it did him wonderful justice. This art still hangs on my wall to remind me of my father and all things artistic - the wonderful creativity whether in words or on paper or in spirit- that Charles brings to my world. His spirit of learning new forms of artistry continually grows and his latest venture into Eastern art that parallels his belief system allows even those not familiar with the Eastern divinities and practice to experience this alternative beauty to what is standard in the Western World.wonderful creativity

    Kirsten Lynn Challman
    Old Town Gallery, Seal Beach, CA - Special Events and Marketing Manager
    Antonio's Bella Casa, Newport Beach, CA - Antique Store Manager
    Artistic Endeavors, Huntington Beach, CA - President, Artist Representative and Sales and Marketing for Select Artists in the Southern Calfornia Region

  • Super impressed by the work of Ekabhumi Charles Ellik, an amazingly talented artist and yogi! For those interested in sacred art, mandalas and more, check him out! His work on the Virajati Yoga School logo has me in total awe! It's sure to blast the heart-mind right open.has me in total awe!

    Ashton Szabo
    Virajati Yoga School

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