Choosing a Yantra

“What Yantra Should I Get?” is the most frequent question for which I have no easy answer. Many of us of lack the information or clarity to make an appropriate choice. Though this note is not a guide, it is meant to help the reader start this process of choosing for him/her self. This is a deeply personal decision, though it may appear to happen accidentally or through an outside agent.

Choosing a yantra can be as simple as buying a book, or as profound as entering a spiritual path. Yantras are spiritual devices, and most belong to specific deities. One may simply fall in love with a yantra as a symbol of one's own essence nature. One may already have a spiritual task or goal in mind and choose an appropriate yantra to help focus one's awareness, as each serves a specific purpose. This choice might be compared to selecting a tutelary deity (Ishta Devata). If one chooses the yantra of deity, this may be exactly what one is doing.

Ideally, one seeks out a true Guru or lineage-holder (Acharya), and that guru assigns a yantra. One may also consult an experienced Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer) who can look at one's birth chart to see if there is already a karmic connection with a specific deity, or a specific influence needing rectification. One may be born into a family with an Ishta Devata. One may also trust one's own intuition, especially if there is a clear energetic reaction of familiarity or opening when in the presence of a particular yantra. It is appropriate to recognize that which comes alive as an energetic experience of deep connection.

Though I do not ritually “awaken” these yantras, they are made in a ritual environment. Yantras are designed to re-pattern one's consciousness when meditated upon. A little research into each deity helps one make informed choices and deepen the connection to their energetic pattern, even if one believes they are only an aspect of oneself. If a deity carries many sharp and bloody weapons, this gives insight to how their practice might be experienced. Same is true of a deity who carries flowers or sweets. There are many “paths to the mountain-top,” some steep, dangerous and direct, some gentle, scenic, and slow. Each yantra is an expression of a different path.

One of my teachers suggests it may be helpful to think of deities as people. When considering whether to bring a yantra (or any icon of essence) home, it may be appropriate to ask, “Do I want this person as my roommate?” Traditionally, yantras are understood to be alive and an actual manifestation of that deity's energy body. If one feels it is appropriate to bring this person home as an influence on oneself, one's family and friends, then this may be an appropriate relationship to enter into.

When choosing a yantra associated with a deity, any of the great Hindu Gods (Mahadevas) or Wisdom Goddesses (Mahavidhyas) are traditional options. These include (but are not limited to): Ganesha, Kali (or any of her Wisdom Goddesses), Durga, Shiva, Saraswati, Vishnu (or his Avatars, such as Krishna), Lakshmi, and Hanuman. There are many other beings whose presence may be beneficial, but it does take some discernment and knowledge to choose wisely. This is why I recommend widely recognized deities whose presence has been shown to be beneficial in their daily effect.

Just as Ayurveda is based on the principle “For Whom and When,” and Jyotishis understand that “To everything there is a season,” one may use more than one yantra at different times or during one's lifetime. This is why I emphasize the importance of seeking a guru or master Jyotishi to determine which particular influence or aspect of oneself needs balancing at any given time. It is also said that the greatest Upaya (Astrological remedy) is that which is given as a gift, so rejoice if receiving a deity or planet as a gift! In the end, rest assured that all these great beings are pathways to ultimate realization.

How to Order a Yantra

NOTE: New orders are still being accepted, but because of high demand, new commissions cannot be delivered for approximately 3 months. Thank you!

To order a yantra or inquire about sizes, prices, shipping etc. please use the Contact Me form. In addition to those shown above, many other traditional yantras are also available.

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