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Yantras are mystical diagrams composed of sacred geometry. They symbols of cosmic unity. Roughly translated, “yantra” means “tool” or “device.” As a tool, yantras are used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, and go beyond the normal framework of mind to a state of consciousness known as Turiya. They can be used as an icon in ritual or for worship on an altar. They have many other uses, including “Upya,” or Astrological remedy for defects in one’s birth chart. They are also simply beautiful.

My yantras are lovingly hand-crafted to last many lifetimes. Each is begun on an auspicious day, facing a specific direction, while many thousands of rounds of mantra are recited.

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Why Buy a Yantra?

  1. It's beautiful. You like it. It resonates with you.
  2. You wish to give one as a gift. It is said that the most powerful Upaya (Astrological remedies) are those given as gifts.
  3. You are a spiritual practitioner on the path and wish to use one of the most powerful tools revealed by Tantrik masters for ultimate realization.
  4. You are a spiritual-minded person who wants to benefit by surrounding yourself with icons of essence and images of the divine.
  5. Your guru (spiritual teacher) advised you to get one.
  6. Your Jyotishi (Astrologer) advised you to get one.
  7. You are familiar with your Astrological Birth Chart and recognize that you need a planetary yantra to rectify a problem in your chart.
  8. You have a connection to a specific Hindu deity, perhaps a wrathful goddess, but for privacy reasons do not wish to have an figurative (human) image in your office or home. Some of them can be fierce or scary to people who practice other religions! Also, many deities are portrayed nude. Yantras, on the other hand, are not offensive. They are also considered by the ancient seers to be more powerful than the figurative paintings!
  9. You wish to decorate your home or office with a lovely image that hints at your spiritual practice.
  10. You wish to support the creation of sacred arts.
  11. You wish to invest in and collect fine art.

Painting yantras isn’t my hobby, it is my sadhana?. Though my paintings are not ritually empowered, many thousands of mantra are recited during their creation. Yantras may be used for innumerable purposes, but I reserve the right to turn down commissions that sound creepy, manipulative, or harmful! As far as I am concerned, the best use of Yantras is for realization of one’s essence nature.

You don’t have to be a saint to own a yantra! It’s enough to find them pretty. Keep in mind, however, that yantras are a powerful form of sacred art. I do not suggest ordering the yantra of a wrathful or malefic deity without the approval of a Guru or highly qualified Jyotishi?. Please see the links page for recommendations.

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